Special Needs Pets Can Live A Good Life

At AMOS Pet Rescue we are dedicated to quality of life for special needs pets. We feel strongly that all animals are entitled to live their lives in a clean and loving environment. Pets must be given every chance to enjoy themselves even though they have a disability. Most disabled animals can have a normal life seeming to overcome or become completely oblivious to the handicap they have.

We encourage you to share stories and information about your disabled pet. We will gladly post information that will be helpful to other pet owners about topics such as blind cats or dogs, cancer in dogs, disabled cats, paralysis in dogs, etc.

Welcome to A.M.O.S. website!

It is our pleasure to put together a helpful website to reach out to those that help disabled animals. Through this site, we will post information and tips about many topics such as paralyzed dogs, feline leukemia, blindness, heart conditions and cancer.

We would love to hear from you whether you need help or have information that can help others.

Please bookmark this site and check back often.