Special Needs Pets Can Live A Good Life

At AMOS Pet Rescue we are dedicated to quality of life for special needs pets. We feel strongly that all animals are entitled to live their lives in a clean and loving environment. Pets must be given every chance to enjoy themselves even though they have a disability. Most disabled animals can have a normal life seeming to overcome or become completely oblivious to the handicap they have.

We encourage you to share stories and information about your disabled pet. We will gladly post information that will be helpful to other pet owners about topics such as blind cats or dogs, cancer in dogs, disabled cats, paralysis in dogs, etc.

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  • Christine Zaworski

    I adopted Brody at age 3, it was discovered that he suffered from restrictive Cardiomyopathy, Renal failure, FIV and a possible brain tumor. Brody was given 154 days of survival. I was determined to give Brody the best 154 days of his life. He regularly visited his vet, took all 6 medications per day like a champ, sat quietly for his fluids and even took his syringe feedings without any trouble.

    During the time I had Brody, he had actually gained weight, was ale to play with his brothers and sisters, took short walks looking pretty “spiffy” in his harness jacket and spent hours lying in the sun on “his” screened porch. Brody survived for 368 days after his initial diagnosis before a massive stroke placed him in a coma and I helped him to reach Rainbow Bridge. I never once thought his care was too great or too hard or too time consuming. The love and happiness I received back from him made every effort worthwhile. Brody was able to enjoy a “normal” life surrounded by love, although short his quality of life was immeasureable.

    Brody’s story is a testimony to anyone thinking of adopting a special needs “family member”. The love and satisfaction of being able to give one of God’s creatures the life they deserve has made my life full of meaningful purpose. Brody will remain one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.

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