AmosA.M.O.S. stands for “A Miracle of Survival” which is how we feel about all the pets we are privileged to know. Amos is also the name of a special huge Cockapoo [at least 50 pounds!] that lived at our rescue for several years. Amos was blind but he did not let that stop him. He came to our rescue when he was 3 years old. He had glaucoma that his owners left untreated and he went blind. We sent him for surgery to removed his eyes to relieve pain he was suffering. Amos came back from the surgery ready to go! Amos navigated the house as if he had 2 good eyes. If you did not know better, you really could not tell he was completely blind.

Amos eventually developed Lymphoma. Typical treatments of chemotheraphy are employed to lengthen life. Amos treatments took a toll on him and we did not want to exchange his quality of life for quantity of life.

We now dedicate our work to the spirit of AMOS who happily lived a quality life with a determined attitude.