Pet Foster Care

Pet foster care resembles being a successful parent and producing happy healthy children to go off into the world. Some foster pet caregivers call the pets they decide to adopt failed fosters, never has failure been so sweet and so rewarding.

Why is there such a need for pet foster care? Pets with special needs such as puppies and kittens need more care than shelters can often provide. Injured or sick animals may need extra care and time to recover before they go to their forever homes. Dogs that are not housebroken or timid dogs are often simply not happy or comfortable in a shelter pen or crate. Pet foster care also enables the shelter or group to rescue more pets and bring special needs pets to adoptable condition.

Being a foster caregiver for dogs and cats is sometimes specific to breed, area, or special needs. The myriad of animal rescue groups have different requirements for pet foster homes and caregivers. Some type of application process will be necessary at the very least. Some organizations require a home inspection. Rescue groups may have classes or training for pet fostering applicants.

Preparation is essential before you become a pet foster caregiver. Give some thought to the people in your home, the animals already present, the supplies needed, the time that the animal will require, and the home itself. Cats of course will require a different environment and preparation than dogs.  Birds are also a commonly fostered pet and will require their own environment of course.

If you have children, they must be prepared for the fostering process if age appropriate. Small children need to be told that the foster pet is just visiting until it can find a forever home. It is recommended that an adult watch children, your pets, and foster pets at all times. This is dependent on the temperament of the pets and the age of the child of course.

It is often advisable to have a separate area where the foster pet can be by itself or interact with you or other adults in the home. A room that can be separated from the home yet the animal does not feel alone is a great choice.

Supplies are another consideration. Food and medicine may be supplied or you may be given an allowance to purchase them. Some foster pets may require more time and consideration such as kittens that need to be bottle-fed or paralyzed dogs. Emergency numbers for the rescue organization and veterinarian are another essential item that must be on hand.  There is an ever-expanding need for special-needs foster care.

One look into happy, healthy dogs or cats eyes you foster will tell you what a positive impact you are making. Please consider choosing this rewarding, fulfilling experience for yourself.