Blindness In Pets

Pet blindness is common. With a little foresight, the pet owner can make his blind pets life a little bit easier. Blindness in pets is not as tragic as it is for humans. Pets can use their sense of smell and hearing to interpret the world and pets are already dependent on their owners. Pet blindness does lead to a whole set of safety considerations for the animal, here are a few basic ones below.

Swimming pools, balconies and traffic are all potential hazards for blind pets. If your dog is blind, keep him on a leash when he is not in the safety of a fenced yard or house.

If you move to a different house that has steps consider placing non slip mats at the top and bottom of the steps. Use this technique to mark anything the pet might not notice otherwise.

Furniture rearrangement is a safety consideration for the blind pet. It will take the animal time to readjust so move furniture as seldom as possible.

Blindness in pets can make the dog or cat stay in one area. Place the pet’s food in the kitchen, bed in the bedroom and so on. The pet will get more exercise this way and gain confidence in his ability to negotiate the house.

The pet can still hear and smell so consider of ways to use those senses to convey messages such as tapping the food bowl when setting it on the floor or using a small indoor fountain as a water bowl. Scents such as unlit candles or scented oils, can be used in different rooms to help the pet with orientation and identification.

If there is another pet, place a bell on its collar so the blind pet will know where the other pet is.

Blind animals startle more easily so do not grab them suddenly, perhaps speak first from nearby and then reach out to pick them up or pet them. When introducing a pet to a stranger this is doubly true. Let the pet smell the persons hand and have the visitor speak calmly to the pet before petting the animal.

Try to maintain a positive attitude with the blind pet. The owner’s attitude has a huge influence on how the pet is affected by its blindness.